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    • Cleaning car common sense

        Features of dry vacuum cleaner

      • Guide: The dry vacuum cleaner has the following characteristics: 1. The dry vacuum cleaner has a simple structure and convenient operation: the dry vacuum cleaner does not have a hydraulic motor rotating mechanism, and there are no adjustment mechanisms such as sweeping and rolling brushes. Just through the control panel in the cab, you can easily operate the auxiliary engine to start and stop, increase and decrease the fan speed, and raise and lower the suction port ...

        Guoli Dongfeng Tianlong Sweeper Truck-Chassis Failure Analysis of Guoli Dongfeng Tianjin Road Sweeper

      • Guide: Common fault lights and related processing methods of the post-processing system of the sixth country. Please veterans remind customers to refill National Six diesel and compliant urea in strict accordance with standards. Don't take it lightly and think that oil urea is less important. National Six post-processing is composed of EGR + DOC + POC + DPF + SCR + ASC, with high precision, once it appears ...

        Do you know the reason why Dongfeng Dolica 7.5 square vacuum cleaner can't suck clean?

      • Guide: If the vacuum cleaner does not suck, the reasons are as follows: first check the fan belt, second check the fan inlet seal, open the back door in the trash box, and see if there is garbage on the net? See if the suction tube is broken, see if the suction cup rubber is worn, and the secondary engine speed is 1800 to 2000. Chengli Special Automobile Plant ...

        What to do if the engine does not start?

      • Guide: ★ What to do if the engine does not start? ★ Check first, then check if the spark plug is damaged. If it is damaged, just replace it with a new spark plug. Generally speaking, the mileage of a car's spark plug is about 20,000 to 30,000 kilometers.

        How to protect tires in winter?

      • Guide: ★ How to protect tires in winter? ★ According to China Securities Journal, driving on ice and snow roads in winter is actually ...

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