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        5 ton road sweeper

      • Introduction: 5-ton road sweeper introduction: 5-ton road sweeper hydraulic oil pump is imported from Italy; solenoid valve is imported from Germany; hydraulic piping adopts German standard technical seal structure, and key control components are made of original French Schneider technology. Long service life. Stable and reliable, low failure rate; hydraulic components use integrated stack ...

        Guoli Dongfeng Vacuum Cleaner Introduction

      • Guide: Chengli Guoli vacuum cleaner's main working place is the cement plant, steel plant, coal plant and other dusty places, the dust extraction effect is remarkable, the vehicle is equipped with a reversing image, one-click operation in the driving, simple operation, high dust extraction efficiency (* Large working capacity of 40,000 square meters per hour, inhaled particle size ≤5CM). Automatic pulse cleaning function, ...

        Foton road sweeper details

      • Guide: Futian road sweeper diesel 2.5 square road sweeper chassis: adopts Futian era series national three emission standard chassis, single row cab, wheelbase is 2600mm, 6.00 tires, 5-speed gearbox, no air conditioning, power is 34.5KW Full diesel engine. Foton road sweeper diesel 2.5 square road sweeper upper part: with 4 sweep plates, Lai ...

        Road sweeper operation and precautions

      • Guide: Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd.'s leading products are road sweepers, road sweepers, sweepers, sanitation sweepers, road sweepers, dry sweepers, sweepers, Dongfeng sweepers, and vacuum cleaners 、 Vacuum vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaner, guardrail cleaning truck, highway guardrail cleaning truck, road guardrail ...

        What are the performance characteristics of the scrubber?

      • Guide: What are the performance characteristics of the scrubber truck? 1. The scrubber truck uses brushing and high-pressure scrubbing, cleaning, garbage collection, sewage recovery, hydraulic dumping and unloading to clean the road. 2. The cleaning truck uses a secondary engine to drive the high-pressure water pump, fan and working device. 3. Sweeping trucks set road sweepers and high pressure cleaning ...

        Dongfeng Dorica Vacuum Cleaner

      • Guide: Dongfeng Dorica vacuum cleaner vehicle parameters: Dongfeng Dorica vacuum cleaner This model is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner made with a 3800mm wheelbase Dongfeng Dorica chassis, added on the basis of ordinary vacuum cleaners With the wet and dry switching function, the filter cartridge is opened on sunny days, which can prevent dust from being discharged from the air outlet of the box to generate secondary dust; rainy weather ...

        Where vacuum cleaner is suitable

      • Guide: The tank body of Dongfeng Furica vacuum cleaner is made of the highest quality stainless steel plate (authentic national standard material --- more than 3 times the life of the tank body). The chassis of the vacuum cleaner adopts Dongfeng chassis (the energy-saving and environmentally friendly brand is worry-free). The vacuum cleaner is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises with multiple dust, high concentration and high density that are prone to dust pollution;

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