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    • How to properly maintain the road sweeper?

        How to properly maintain the road sweeper?

      • Author: Cheng Li Special Purpose Vehicle 13,886,880,570 Shi Jingli
      • Release time: 2019/12/19 15:38:31
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      How to properly maintain the road sweeper ?


      为避免错误操作,扫路车操控阀主要差别主导阀门和副阀门。 1. Road sweeper To avoid wrong operation, the main difference between the main valve and the auxiliary valve is the control valve of the road sweeper. The driving force of the main valve comes from the chassis of the road sweeper car, and the driving force of the auxiliary valve comes from the auxiliary diesel engine of the dedicated common part. The main valve applies for the hydraulic power switch of the casing of the chassis behind the car chassis and the side door of the car, and the auxiliary valve applies for the operation of the four floor brushes of the road sweeper (which can be controlled by one person alone or a number of operations) and the glass suction cup.

      2. As the auxiliary diesel engine of the road sweeper uses a diesel engine, it is known that the output power varies with different brands, but the general speed ratio is between 1500 and 1800.


      3. The road sweeper can generally choose whether it is required to have a sprinkler and dust removal function according to the operating requirements. Basic weapons and equipment are generally built with sprinkler water. Pay special attention to whether the water flow of the clear water tank is sufficient. Generally, the capacity of the clear water tank is different. The operating time will be different. There are gaps.
      4. The working pressure adjustment of the electromagnetic induction multi-way valve of the road sweeper is generally on the speed regulating valve. The customer can moderate the working pressure to modify the speed ratio of the sweeping brush.
      5. Other electric sweepers can choose whether the left and right side brushes of the car work together according to the ground conditions. For sweeping the road, only the side brush with the corner open can be used for turning.
      6. There will be tiny dust deposits in the trash bin of the road sweeper, and manual service is required to sort out the trash bin.

      玻璃吸盘离路面的间距应依据道路情况经常调节。 7. The distance between the glass suction cup of the road sweeper and the road should be adjusted frequently according to the road conditions.


      8. The dust removal pipe of the road sweeper will often have dust and dirt stuck on it, which needs to be combed frequently to achieve better results.
      9, part of the household appliances in the control box of the road sweeper, in order to apply more practical requirements, it is best to disassemble one for the other.
      10. The sweeper cleaner should regularly check whether the function positions are normal.
      11. In order to avoid the dirt in the gear oil from damaging all the normal operations of the electromagnetic induction control valve, the cleaner should regularly check whether the gear oil is normal.

      12. Road sweepers often check whether the limit switch machinery and equipment of the clutch electric push rod of the auxiliary diesel engine of the car is normal.


      操控钮转换时,時刻间距应是5秒。 13. When the control button of the road sweeper is switched, the time interval should be 5 seconds.
      14. When a hydraulic part of the road sweeper works abnormally, check the fuel pipe and then the power circuit according to the whole process.
      (1) Part of the abnormality of the power supply circuit of the road sweeper will be due to proper disconnection, loosening of the line butt, fall of the line, broken line ...
      (2) Part of the abnormality of the fuel pipe of the road sweeper will be caused by the problem of the gasoline pump, the rupture of the fuel pipe, the oil leakage from the butt of the fuel pipe, and the problem of the relay.


      The process of buying a road sweeper:
      I. Step * Telephone negotiation: Contact by phone or on-site inspection to discuss vehicle and product prices
      2. The second step is to sign the contract: sign the order and sales contract: pay the contract deposit in advance
      3. The third step is to arrange production: the chassis is extracted according to the contract model, and the production is arranged.
      Fourth, the fourth step of delivery acceptance: vehicle delivery acceptance, pay the remaining balance of the vehicle
      V. Step 5 Signature and Confirmation: The buyer needs to stamp and sign the delivery slip to confirm that the received vehicle is intact and complete the procedures (only for delivery vehicles)

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