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    • Technical information

        Guoliu Dongfeng 5-party road sweeper

      • Guide: Guoli Dongfeng 5-party road sweeper adopts the structure of “center-mounted four-scanning discs + dust-falling sprayer equipment + management center baffle + rear camera vacuum suction cups” with a reasonable layout, so that no sand and stones splashed out of the construction site Dust, this reasonable layout is conducive to the adjustment and maintenance of cleaning equipment and glass suction cups, when changing the field work ...

        Road sweeper technical parameters

      • Guide: road sweeper technical parameters: total width of cleaning: 3m, storage tank capacity: 1.5 cubic meters, waste capacity: 4 cubic meters. The road sweeper is equipped with: Isuzu auxiliary engine (JX493G, 57KW), cycloid motor, Hypres relay unit, automatic switch (Delixi, the Netherlands), Beijing centrifugal fan, high-pressure oil pipe (Guangzhou ...

        How to properly maintain the road sweeper?

      • Guide: How to properly maintain the sweeper? 1. In order to avoid incorrect operation, the main difference between the control valve and the auxiliary valve is the control valve of the sweeper. The driving force of the main valve comes from the chassis of the road sweeper car, and the driving force of the auxiliary valve comes from the auxiliary diesel engine of the dedicated common part. The main valve applies for the ...

        Advantages of road sweepers

      • Guide: The advantages of road sweepers: 1. The closed tank design scheme of the road sweepers can spray water like water during cleaning to avoid secondary pollution during the entire transportation process. Implementation of National Sixth emission standard, real environmental protection. 2. The road sweeper adopts all stainless steel garbage bins and cold water tanks, and the hydraulic pump is imported from Spain. The service life is long ...

        The difference between a road sweeper and a sweeper

      • Guide: Many customers who want to buy road sweepers and washers are worried. Why are road sweepers and sweepers the same in appearance, but the price is very large. What are the differences between the two immediately? The road car only has a sweep, and the wash car can sweep while cleaning, which has one more function than the road car. This means that the car is cleaned ...

        What is a vacuum cleaner

      • Guide: The vacuum cleaner is a new product developed by using invention patents. It changes the traditional method of sweeping the car with the disc brush over and over, and all use cyclones to work. The cyclone fitness method is used to collect and store smoke and waste, which is very efficient. Vacuum cleaner can reasonably reduce the environmental pollution of smoke and dust.

        Advantages of road sweeper / washer sweeper / vacuum cleaner

      • Guide: Road sweeper, sweeper, vacuum cleaner Product advantages: The new generation of road sweeper is a sweep and suction combined road sweeper vehicle developed by our company. The mechanized cleaning and cleaning operations of factories and mines have high vehicle operation efficiency, advanced technical performance, reliable and beautiful appearance ...

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