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        Dry vacuum cleaner

      • Guide: The vacuum cleaner is also called a dry vacuum cleaner. It is suitable for pavement cleaning, sprayer dusting and cleaning operations. It is suitable for all concrete, granite, natural marble, porcelain, bluestone slabs and other hard roads. The vacuum cleaner changed the traditional method of sweeping in the past. The vacuum cleaner only uses the air-flow pure suction operation.

        Production of vacuum cleaner manufacturers

      • Guide: Dongfeng Furika vacuum cleaner truck storage tanks are made of imported high-quality stainless steel plates (pure national standard materials --- to increase the service life of the storage tanks by about 3 times). The chassis of the car is made of pure national Liudongfeng Dorica car chassis (green environmental protection on the license plate at ease), the vacuum pump vacuum car is suitable for the environmental pollution caused by the construction site ...

        Road sweeper can be divided into pure sweep type, pure suction type, suction sweep type

      • Guide: General road sweepers can be divided into pure sweep type, pure suction type, and suction sweep type. In addition to cleaning, collecting, and transporting waste, the suction sweeping road sweeper is also equipped with pneumatic conveying such as vacuum suction cups and air ducts. It can digest, absorb, and clean the road dust and shredded paper during the cleaning work, further improving the road Clearance. and…

        The following points should be noted for safe driving of sweeping vehicles

      • Guide: The safe driving of the sweeper should pay attention to the following points: 1. In the sweeper work, the operator should pay close attention to the work attitude of the sweeper owner and the auxiliary diesel engine. If there is an abnormality, immediately shut down and inspect it. , You can use it again; 2. When the sweeping truck turns, it should be retracted first ...

        Cheng Li and Jiefang signed a purchase agreement for 4,000 National Sixth Heavy Truck chassis

      • Guide: Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. signed a purchase agreement with FAW Jiefang for the purchase of 4,000 trucks of the National Six Heavy Truck chassis, which will further strengthen the leading position of the special heavy-duty truck market in special vehicles! From December 12th to 13th, the grand 2020 business annual meeting of FAW Jiefang was held in Nanchang, Jiangxi ...

        Advantages of dry sweeper

      • Guide: During the sweeping operation of the road sweeper, there must be a certain gap between the suction nozzle and the ground to ensure that the cyclone enters the suction nozzle and brings the waste on the road to the air duct and into the dustbin. The size of the gap between the suction nozzle and the ground immediately jeopardizes the actual effect of the waste entering the air duct, in other words, it immediately jeopardizes the actual cleaning of the road sweeper ...

        The role and purpose of the cleaning car

      • Guide: The role and purpose of the scrubber truck: 1. The scrubber truck has a large role: a new type of floor cleaning machine that integrates the sweeper truck, the sanitation sprinkler truck and the high-pressure cleaner truck, which is very suitable for cleaning the ground, roadsides and roads of municipal roads. Side stone. The dust on the ground cannot be guaranteed by traditional road sweepers, sanitation sprinklers, high-pressure cleaning vehicles ...

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