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    • Road sweeping vacuum cleaning truck price

        Foton vacuum cleaner manufacturer price-which cost is cheaper than manual cleaning

      • Guide: Futian 2600 wheelbase vacuum cleaner, 0.5 square water, 2 square dust, the market is the smallest vacuum cleaner, the 57-horsepower sub-engine in the cloud, high horsepower, many after-sales outlets; Luoyang Beibo fan, large suction, low noise ; 8 high polymer barrels can effectively prevent secondary dust. Suitable for large warehouses, small factories, coal yards, mixing stations ...

        Chemical liquid transporter prices

      • Introduction: & nbsp; Special function description of chemical transportation vehicle: Chemical vehicle introduction: Also known as chemical liquid transportation vehicle, the main function is used for chemical industry, petroleum, coal mine, engineering industry, various chemical liquid packaging, distribution, transportation, etc. It can be separated into separate warehouses, and can be filled with different chemical liquids. Market leading products are: Dongfeng Chemical Vehicle ...

        Water truck price list

      • Guide: Our company specializes in producing Dongfeng Xiaoba Wang sprinkler, Dongfeng Dorica sprinkler, Dongfeng Sanping firewood sprinkler, Dongfeng King Kong sprinkler, Dongfeng 140 sprinkler, Dongfeng 140/47 sprinkler, Dongfeng 145 sprinkler, Dongfeng 153 sprinkler Car, Dongfeng 1254 sprinkler, Dongfeng front and back sprinkler, Dongfeng Tianlong sprinkler, ...

        Suction truck price

      • Guide: Special function description of sewage suction truck: I specialized in producing Dongfeng sewage suction truck, Dongfeng Dorica sewage suction truck, Dongfeng 140 sewage suction truck, Dongfeng 145 sewage suction truck, Dongfeng 153 sewage suction truck, Dongfeng 3208 sewage suction truck, Dongfeng Jian Users can bring their own chassis, such as the first gasoline suction truck, and our factory provides the production and modification of bodywork parts.

        Suction truck price

      • Guide: The company specializes in the production of Dongfeng Xiaoba King suction truck, Dongfeng Dorica suction truck, Dongfeng King Kong suction truck, Dongfeng 140 suction truck, Dongfeng 145 suction truck, Dongfeng 153 suction truck, Jiefang pointed suction truck , Dongfeng pointed gasoline suction manure truck, etc., users can bring their own chassis, our factory provides the production and modification of body parts.

        Garbage truck price

      • Guide: The company specializes in the production of Dongfeng Xiaobawang garbage trucks, Dongfeng Dorica garbage trucks, Dongfeng 140 garbage trucks, Dongfeng 145 garbage trucks, Dongfeng 153 garbage trucks, etc. Users can bring their own chassis, and our factory provides production and modification of top-loading components.

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