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        12 ton Dongfeng D9 fog cannon sprinkler

      • Guide: 12-ton Dongfeng D9 fog gun vehicle detailed introduction Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. specializes in multi-function dust suppression vehicles, multi-function dust suppression vehicles, dust removal vehicles, garden greening multi-function dust suppression vehicles, intelligent multi-function dust suppression vehicles, gardens Landscape multifunctional dust suppression vehicle, road multifunctional dust suppression vehicle, according to size can be divided into 2 to 15 tons multifunctional dust suppression vehicle ...

        5-20 tons sprinkler recommended

      • Guide: Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. specializes in sanitation sprinklers, green sprinklers, multifunctional sprinklers, garden landscape sprinklers, road sprinklers, and can be divided into 2 ton sprinklers, 5 ton sprinklers, and 8.5 ton sprinklers by tonnage , 12 ton sprinkler, 14 ton sprinkler, 20 ton sprinkler, 22 ton sprinkler, 25 ton sprinkler, ...

        How much is a small country six sweeper-2.5 Fang Dongfeng Tuyi sweeper manufacturers

      • Guide: Small National Six sweeper, 2.5 square sweeper price now consult Chengli road sweeper manufacturers. You can get the wholesale price of cleaning truck manufacturers, free delivery service and lifetime technical guidance for cleaning truck manufacturers. The effect of the sweeper You pay the final amount of the sweeper after you say it.

        What kind of road sweeper trucks are used in community factories?

      • Guide: what kind of road sweeper is suitable for community factories-small Foton road sweeper 1 How much is the price difference between a licensed sweeper and a non-listed sweeper? If you ca n’t use it on the road outside the factory area, you can choose not to use the national three sweeper truck. If you want to drive on the road outside ...

        How to choose a road sweeper or a vacuum cleaner

      • Guide: how to choose a road sweeper or a vacuum cleaner. Road sweepers are used in places with a lot of garbage and less dust. For example: communities, glass factories, streets and other places are suitable for road sweepers. Vacuum cleaners are used in dusty places. For example: coal yard ...

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