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    • Tibet Environmental Protection Agency's procurement process is completed

        Tibet Environmental Protection Agency's procurement process is completed

      • Author: Cheng Li Special Purpose Vehicle 13,886,880,570 Shi Jingli
      • Release time: 2019/9/24 13:36:02
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      垃圾车垃圾箱 交付完成。 The delivery of the dustbin of the Tibet Environmental Protection Agency hook arm garbage truck was completed. On the occasion of the 70th birthday of the motherland, I hope that the Tibetan and Han families will prosper.

      Chengli hook arm garbage truck

      Hubei Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd., the National Development and Reform Commission, specializes in the production of various types of special purpose vehicles, and is the largest special purpose vehicle manufacturer. Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. is the most famous domestic manufacturer of landscaping, petrochemical and municipal sanitation vehicles. * Bookmark "Cheng Liwei" brand, national product codes: "CLW" and "SNJ". At the same time, it is also an important partner of Dongfeng and Jiefang Company. It is mainly engaged in the production of various types of special vehicles, and also sells complete vehicles and accessories of major manufacturers. Chengli Group has its own export rights, and its products occupy a large number of foreign markets. Its leading varieties include garden greening sprinklers, sanitation sprinklers, tank tankers, tankers, suction trucks, swing arms, hanging buckets, sealed Garbage trucks, vans, fire trucks, semi-trailers, dump trucks, cement trucks, truck cranes and more than 100 series of eight major models. Cheng Li can also wholesale Dongfeng, Jiefang and Chufeng chassis.

      3-way hook arm garbage truck

      The swing arm type garbage truck is widely used in urban street school garbage disposal, and is suitable for the national general garbage bucket. It can be equipped with multiple garbage buckets for one vehicle, and multiple garbage buckets can be placed at each garbage point. It has a dump function and is hydraulically operated for easy dumping. The swing arm garbage truck produced by our factory is a general-purpose pit ground. The swing arm type garbage truck bucket can be hoisted up and down. The swing arm can work once in a cycle time of 60S. The characteristics of this vehicle are that the bucket and the car body are separated, which can realize the joint operation of one truck and multiple buckets, and cyclic transportation, which fully improves the transportation capacity of the vehicle, and is especially suitable for short-distance transportation, such as the sanitation department's cleaning of urban garbage , Transportation, etc. In order to prevent the loaded light cargo from falling during transportation, this model can be designed as a fully enclosed structure. "Chengliwei" swing arm garbage truck series products produced by our factory. This product is mainly used in various sanitation municipalities and large factories and mines to carry all kinds of garbage. It can also transport ash, sand, stone, soil and other bulk building materials, and can also transport ore or coal in mines or coal mines. Can be converted into various special purpose garbage trucks according to user requirements.

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