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    • 10 Dongfeng Daolika cleaning trucks and 15 Dongfeng well-off sidewalk maintenance vehicles

        10 Dongfeng Daolika cleaning trucks and 15 Dongfeng well-off sidewalk maintenance vehicles

      • Author: Cheng Li Special Purpose Vehicle 13,886,880,570 Shi Jingli
      • Release time: 2019/9/26 11:36:32
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      After Chengli Automobile Group Co., Ltd. implemented the transformation and upgrade and supply-side reform, it entered a stable and high-quality development path. A new round of leap-forward development with technology and innovation as its engine is still in the ascendant, and its power is moving forward. Divisions have set off a wave of emphasis on technology, quality and market expansion.


      ,获得终端市场用户的一致赞誉好 1. Chengli Road Sweeping Depot's high-quality sanitation vehicles launched the important node of the "Maritime Silk Road" in Nanning , Guangxi , and received unanimous praise from end-market users.

         Autumn, a fruitful season, gathered in the capital of special vehicles-Suizhou! A grand starting ceremony is being held in Chengli Automobile Industrial Park (Zengdu) next to the New National Highway. Dozens of people including the propaganda department of Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd., the person in charge of the modification plant, and customer representatives witnessed the grand launching ceremony.

      “海上丝绸之路”的重要节点国际大都会广西南宁市某单位,为积极响应国家号召,对接国家“一带一路”大战略,致力打造国家级文明卫生城市 It is reported that this large-scale vehicle purchaser is an important node of the "Maritime Silk Road", a unit of the international metropolis Nanning, Guangxi. In order to actively respond to the national call, it is connected with the national "Belt and Road" strategy and is committed to creating a national civilization and health City . Among the numerous special-purpose vehicle manufacturers in China, Chengli Special-purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd.'s road sweeper manufacturers were selected for the modification of the vehicle. After receiving the large-scale order from Chengli Sweep Depot, the management personnel arranged the production in an orderly manner. Under the premise of ensuring the quality of the vehicle modification, the workshop personnel arranged the vehicle to be off the production line in advance and be in the factory. Another week of vehicle performance testing and commissioning was conducted to ensure the perfect delivery of the vehicle to customers.

      10 辆东风大多利卡洗扫车及 15 台东风小康人行道养护车。 The vehicles delivered in this batch are 10 Dongfeng Daolika scrubbers and 15 Dongfeng well-off sidewalk maintenance vehicles.


      Under the warmth of the autumn sun, the neatly lined Dongfeng Daolika scrubbers and pavement maintenance vehicles are shining brightly, and they are arranged in front of the magnificent Chengli company.

      体。 The blue sky and white clouds and the bright red flowers hanging in front of the vehicle reflect a picture. The white body like Chengyu and Chengli Blue, which is unique to Chengli, are integrated .

      CLW5110TXSD5 东风大多利卡洗扫车是一款高端车型,是 集扫路车和 高压清洗车 功能于一体,实现在一次作业中完成清扫、高压清洗和垃圾、污水的收集的车辆。 The Chengliwei CLW5110TXSD5 Dongfeng Duolika scrubber is a high-end model. It is a vehicle that combines the functions of a road sweeper and a high-pressure cleaner to achieve cleaning, high-pressure cleaning and garbage and sewage collection in one operation.

        The small, powerful sidewalk maintenance vehicles are neatly arranged after cleaning the body, and everything is ready. The metallic paint on the surface of the body and the bright sun in the autumn reflect a bright light.

      CLW5020GQX5 东风小康人行道养护车是一款针对城市路面定制的车型,可以针对复杂路况和狭隘作业环境的路面清洗车,被誉为城市道路的美容师。 The Chengliwei CLW5020GQX5 Dongfeng well-off sidewalk maintenance vehicle is a customized model for urban roads. It can be used for road cleaning vehicles with complex road conditions and narrow operating environments. It is known as a beautician for urban roads.

      Under the arrangement of the fleet captain, each driver carried out a final inspection of his vehicle before departure.

      With the order of the captain of the fleet, all the drivers got on the car neatly and in an orderly manner.


      The vehicles were slowly arranged in order from the Chengli Company. Drivers and masters paid attention to safety and went all the way. For Chengli road sweeper manufacturers , this moment is not the end but the real start. Our service is endless.

      生产的 国六扫路车 ,吸尘车,洗扫车, 东风 扫路车、 福田清扫 车、五十铃 扫路车、 东风多利卡扫路车、 东风 福瑞卡清扫车、 国六扫路车、东风 天锦扫路车,五十铃洗扫车,7.5方东风吸尘车,东风天锦洗扫车,吸尘车扫路车,东风吸尘车 等环卫清扫车 Guoli road sweeper , vacuum cleaner, sweeper, Dongfeng road sweeper , Fukuda sweeper , Isuzu road sweeper, Dongfeng Dorica road sweeper , Dongfeng Furika sweeper, Guoli sweeper Road car, Dongfeng Tianjin road sweeper, Isuzu sweeper, 7.5 Fang Dongfeng vacuum cleaner, Dongfeng Tianjin sweeper, vacuum cleaner road sweeper, Dongfeng vacuum cleaner and other sanitation sweepers ! 采用中置四扫刷、吸口后置的布置方式,使得整车结构布置简捷、清扫效果良好 Chengli road sweeper adopts the arrangement of four brushes in the center and rear suction port, which makes the structure of the vehicle simple and convenient, and the cleaning effect is good . 垃圾箱与水箱为整体结构,水箱在垃圾箱的底层使垃圾箱底板预倾角高达12°„以上,便于垃圾倾倒干净。 The trash and water tanks of the truck are all made of ultra-thick stainless steel. The trash and water tank are integral structures. The bottom of the trash tank makes the pre-tilt angle of the bottom of the trash tank as high as 12 °„, which is convenient for dumping and cleaning. A diversion trough and a large-area filter screen are set on the top of the trash can, which can fully improve the dust-reduction effect, make the garbage pile up evenly, increase the effective capacity, and reduce the air resistance caused by light-floating objects blocking the filter screen.


      扫路车 ,垃圾车, 洒水车 等环卫车更出口到越南、朝鲜、老挝、缅甸、埃塞俄比亚、苏丹、马来西亚、刚果、萨尔瓦多、俄罗斯、蒙古、哈萨克斯坦、伊拉克、新西兰等30多个我国和地区。 Chengli sanitation trucks, road sweepers , garbage trucks, sprinklers and other sanitation vehicles are also exported to Vietnam, North Korea, Laos, Myanmar, Ethiopia, Sudan, Malaysia, Congo, El Salvador, Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Iraq, New Zealand, etc. More than 30 countries and regions. The company's overall development direction is to focus on automobiles and special vehicles to create a base for automobile modification and manufacturing.

      Customers are welcome to come to our Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. to visit and order, or telephone Chengli manufacturers' service hotline: 138 8688 0570 Manager Shi (Same as WeChat)


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